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The Ultimate Clay Pigeon Trap with everything you need for your clay shooting experience. The Auto 320 complete with the Oscillating Base and Vertical Lift, controlled with the wire free Navigator TDC Radio pre-programmed and ready to go.

Ideal for coaching with Inch Movement Facility setting up challenging targets without leaving the shooting area. Horizontal movement Left & Right (DTL) or Full Axle Rotation (ABT).

Practicing shooting on your own is also conveniently possible by launching either one or two targets using the three second delay Button.

The new feature is the 25 Bird Flush, ideal for off season practice.

Ideal to be Mounted on a small trailer, fitted on a tower or using a pallet lifted on the forks of a telehandler for some high targets, we provides one of the most versatile clay target launchers on the market.


With safety being top priority with all our clay pigeon traps each machine is supplied with safety guards and a remote on/off disarm switch. All Super Star Clay Pigeon Traps comply with RoHS, WEEE Directive and CE regulation for safe use and environmental protection.


  • Radio Controlled – Navigator TDC radio controlled
  • Flush – 25 Bird Flush
  • Solo use – Three Second delay
  • Good session lengths – holds over 300 targets
  • Challenging – All axle movement to enhance your shooting experience even further
  • Safety – Trap controls safely mounted on a remote lead
  • Power – 12 Volt DC
  • Economic – Smooth action and power economy through three-quarter cocking system
  • Reliable – Jam-free, all weather target separator
  • Soft Fall – Soft Fall plate design to prevent clay breakages
  • Fast – Fast cycling (1.5 seconds)
  • Robust – Strong solid design
  • Protection – Electro plated & powder coated for corrosion resistance
  • Clay Sizes – Midi Carousel or Midi 90, Mini 70 or Mini 60 inserts available
  • Safety – Safety guards included
  • Warranty – 12 month warranty and 3 year parts


Super Star offers a full range of accessories for clay target throwers, all of them quality engineering.