Super Star clay targets

clay pigeons for shooting sport

About Super Star Clay Targets

Since 1975 we have supplied shooters with excellent clay targets and products for shooters. Thanks to our good tradition of engineering and clay shooting we have developed cost effective solutions and excellent products for demanding users.

The company was started by the former skeet champion MrJan-Åke Bengtsson and thanks to his know-how about shooting and engineering the clay targets was successful very soon.

The company is today owned by the Managing Director Micael Svensson, whose great experience and engineering knowledge ensure continued successes together with the Team Super Star.


Clay targets

Super Star was the first clay manufacturer who introduced “crack tracks” underneath the clay targets for a considerable better breakability. This and the fact that we also were one of the first to begin with ribs for better grip in the launch arm to secure maximal rotation for best shattering and consistent flight path.

Super Star is working continuously to meet all requirements, from people who sometime wants to have fun to elite shooters who wants products which fulfills highest demands seen to technical and environmental properties.


Trap machines

In end of 80`s decades Super Star started to develop and sell trap machines for skeet & trap shooting ranges. Thanks to the very high quality and reliable function they became very common in shooting ranges and are still today working daily in many places. The trap operation was overtaken by the subcontractor around the millennium.

In 2012 we started up the trap machine activity again, this time with 12 volts new developed high class & cost effective traps for shooting ranges and hunters wich has been very popular due to the cost effective versatile and reliable solutions



In 1989 Super Star Cartridge was founded to develop and manufacture shotgun shells for clay shooting and game. This was a successful investment and the cartridges became very popular for gaming and won many competitions in clay shooting. In 1999 the old Swedish shot shell manufacturer Gyttorp was merged together with Super Star Cartridge and Gyttorp Cartridge Company was created.

During the next five years Super Star developed the Gyttorp Company to the market leader in shotshells. Gyttorp Cartridge Company was sold in 2004 to get more focus on the clay targets.

In 2020 Super Star started up the ammunition part again and released a new sport cartridge, Super Sport, wich has become very popular seen to the high prestanda and comfort.