Super Star clay targets and trap machines – New brochure 2018


On the occasion of the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018 we have launched our new brochure for clay targets and trap machines. You can easily download if from here in our English version. More versions in other languages are coming very soon.

Folder Super Star 2018

This new brochure is divided in 3 sections:

  1. Why pick Super Star up!: As one of the main European manufacturers of clay targets, we are giving you 7 reasons to choose Super Star as supplier of clay targets and trap machines.
    1. Quality engineering
    2. Bright colour
    3. High breakable
    4. Innovative packing
    5. Trap offer
    6. Delivery all around the world
    7. Beloved & well-known brand of clay targets and trap machines.
  2. Clay target range: Thanks to our good engineering and cost-effective solutions, we can control all the quality parameters and offer a great value for money, highlighting from our clay targets, their hi-breakability, consistent flight path, the absence of no-birds and the easy open box.

    1. Super Star Standard and all available colours
    2. Super Star Eco clays low PAH: We are dedicating a full sheet of our Eco clay with very low PAH.
    3. Super Star Finale
    4. Super Star Sporting clays
  3. Trap machines: We offer a 12v. line of light and compact trap machines for sporting clay shooting.
    • Super Star Auto 320
    • Super Star Rapid 90
    • Super Star Rabbit/Chondelle 320 ¡New!
  4. Accessories of traps

This new brochure stems from the need of renovating our image and updating all the information concerning our clay pigeons and trap machines.

If you do not have them yet, you can easily download it from here in our English version. More versions in other languages are coming very soon, meanwhile, if you wish the brochure in any other language, please contact us and we will do our best.

We really hope you like it and encourage you to contact us for further information.